Stay up to date with the current sanctions against Russia

The current unfortunate situation between Russia and Ukraine earned the international community’s response and caused the application of additional sanctions the Russian entities, individuals and vessels. 

Softline Computer Systems is working closely with Acuris Risk Intelligence, a global data provider which always responds to new situations and sanctions. Acuris is doing anything possible to not only monitor the situation, but to ensure that all profiles are curated into the database no more than 24 hours following any announcements. They have processed all 400+ European Sanction instructions on the 24th February 2022 within 8 hours.

They have been anticipating the increased scope of the Sanctions against Russia for some time now, so they have adjusted their Global Sanctions Teams, Operations and technology in order to address this goal. 

Since we should always stay compliant with the regulator’s requirements and directives we have gathered the following resources, which may be of interest:

EU measures against Russia can be found at this link: 

The US Treasury Press Releases provide expansive information about the US sanctions against Russia: 




Additional material increases in sanctions instructions from individual countries and governing bodies, are expected over the coming days and weeks.