Why Altis, Why now

For the last 5 years we’ve been working hard to push to the legal market a new way of managing your firm’s everyday work. This new way is called Zygos and is fully deployed in the cloud, allowing easier usage and faster deployments. When embarking on this journey we’ve never had thought it will take us this far. Zygos is now the most used legal practice management in Cyprus, trusted by more than 2000 professionals strengthening its position as the most in-depth legal practice management software of the island. 

Lately, many regulatory changes and other global evolutions in the delivery of legal practice have pushed us to introduce some great new features in Zygos. Corporate Administration, Anti-Money Laundering compliance and more, are now the most widely used features of the Zygos platform. The generic nature of these features has led Zygos to be used by firms in other verticals as well, such as Fiduciary services and most recently Accounting/Audit and also Business Consulting firms. 

Throughout our interaction with people in those verticals, we’ve identified that what Zygos offers to law firms, no software packages are offering to Accounting/Audit or Fiduciary. Every firm needs a way to manage their every day work and this is certainly not Outlook or Teams alone. Every firm needs a way to manage their bills and collections in a place where clients and work are kept. This certainly cannot be done through a CRM or billing system alone. And also every firm needs to be kept compliant with rules and regulations and have a holistic view of points where they need improvement. 

Considering all these gaps and having in our hands more than 25 years of experience in the field, we’ve decided to introduce a new solution to the market which will target beyond law firms and legal service providers. We decided to help build the platform through which Accounting & Audit, Trust and other Fiduciary service providers will manage their everyday work. 

We are introducing Altis

Altis is a cloud-based, compliance and practice management software which will allow your firm to focus on what matters most. Delivery quality services. Focusing on non-valuable daily activities will dry your personnel out, will waste precious resources and will lower your client satisfaction. We are determined to help you manage your daily work through an effective and efficient manner, wherever you are, whatever the nature of services you are offering. 

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey and do not hesitate to contact our sales team for a free of charge assessment of your current daily practice and how Altis can help you make it more efficient. To learn even more about Altis you can join our online free webinar scheduled for the 4th of November at 4pm EET or simply register by clicking here