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Full Stack Web Developer (click to toggle)

We are looking for a full stack web developer in order to join our development team and contribute to the expansion of the features of our flagship software solution, Zygos. Zygos is a Legal Practice Management Software which is built exclusively as a web application in the cloud and it is used by more than 140 law firms all over Cyprus.

What you will be doing :
  • Write code! Lots of it! Our company “builds” developers!
  • Meet with the Business Analysis team and discuss the new features needed to be added to the solution. The codebase is quite large so most probably you will be handed with a specific section/module of the project.
  • Follow our coding guidelines and write well-documented and commented lines of code with the appropriate tests to go with it.
  • Present your work to the rest of the team (Management & Developers) at the weekly retrospective meeting we hold every -SHORT!!- Friday.
What you will not be doing :
  • Guide the development team as a project manager
  • Support clients
  • Meet with clients to discuss their needs and new requirements
  • Manage social media profiles and help in marketing
You should apply if :
  • You understand what is meant when the term “Web Technologies” pops up and when you can tell how a Wordpress site is different than a custom-made Web Application.
  • You like providing the user a great experience and you’ve experimented with generic front-end development (HTML5, bootstrap,JQuery) in order to achieve that.
  • You are familiar with the usage of any PHP MVC framework -or at least experimented with- such as Laravel, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Cake and/or others.
  • You have launched an instance or two with the main public cloud providers -AWS, Azure etc- and experimented with the services they provide.
  • You have worked with a professional IDE before and maybe used Git versioning in a past project of yours.
  • If you’ve feel confident with all of the above requirements you are the man -or woman- for the job. Do send us your CV! On the other hand if you feel you know a few of these points but lack on some, please don’t hesitate to send us your CV. Professional and personal development are at the core of our culture and we will provide the necessary training in order to become familiar with all the tools we use!
Additional qualities which might prove helpful but are not mandatory:
  • A university degree in a relevant field
  • Working experience of 1 year in some of the above mentioned
  • Experience with PHPUnit
  • Experience in building mobile apps (native or hybrid)
  • Security oriented
Cultural Benefits:
  • No dress code!
  • Double monitor station with ergonomic chair.
  • Fruit, soft drinks and chocolate on us! (Coffee is out of the question)
  • “Learning Thursdays” when the development team watches online webcasts and discusses latest development trends.
  • “Short Fridays” with in house lunch and presentations of your week’s work.
  • Participate in team building excursions! Check out our latest activity here.
  • Work in a stable, competitive and fast-growing environment which in not Forex :)
Apply today by sending your CV at

Software Consultant (click to toggle)

Job Description

Softline Computer Systems is looking for a young individual, who has an academic background on Computer Science/Management of Information Systems for filing a support engineer position. A training period around all necessary tools, frameworks and languages will be provided from the company to the successful candidate.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Communicate with clients on a daily basis, through our online chat application in order to support with their inquiries, educate with announcements and broadcast any new features or announcements.
  • Understand the DB structure of our products and help customers solve problems related to their data.
  • Conduct online webinars or on-site seminars/trainings to clients thus enhancing their knowledge and understanding of our product.
  • Extend the current online knowledge base of our product by writing short articles and recording short explanatory videos.
  • Monitor analytics and other internal tools and be able to present to the management team reports about client’s retention and engagement metrics.


  • Prior Working experience in the field is not required, but will be considered a plus and adjust remuneration accordingly..
  • BSc in Computer Science/Management Information Systems or other relevant field
  • Professionally Fluent Greek & English Speaker.
  • Be a good team player with discipline and the ability to take initiative.
  • Prior usage of Wordpress or other CMS systems is considered a mild plus
  • Prior experience with Web Development languages (HTML/CSS/JS) is considered a mild plus
  • Full driving licence

Benefits & Perks

  • End of year bonuses based on performance
  • Company car provided for all transportation concerning clients
  • No dress-code
  • Short Fridays with in-house paid lunch
  • Fully equipped kitchen with everyday refreshments, fruit and cereal

Internship (click to toggle)


Worked with at least 3 of these technologies ? Come join our team

If you are a passionate developer-to-be and want to gain some hands on experience in the field, join our team for a summer internship! We are looking for a Graduate Software Developer (final year) who we will train for a period of 3-4 months and if he/she is successful they will become a member of our team! The internship salary covers for basic expenses such as transportation and other expenses which may occur during the internship.
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