Softline - Services



Custom-made Software Packages

Although custom-made software packages can be costly they can be the only solution to a company’s needs. If you have specific needs which are not met by your current software packages or if you just need some utility design and development then Softline Computer Systems can be your partner into creating a functional package complementing your operations. Through strict timeframes and prearranged deadlines we will deliver and install your request with no hustle from your company’s part.


Web Applications Development

Do you already own a website and you need extra functionality? Do you want to add features to your website that will make it more attractive and add functionality while minimizing your internal everyday applications?
Softline, using the latest cloud technology and coding with the most secure web frameworks can add the desired functionality to your current website or create a new, from scratch website.


Android Application Development

Owning a mobile application and offering extra value to your customers in the form of free updates, news or notifications is gradually becoming a necessity for every major company.
We can assess your company’s needs, analyze your current infrastructure and seamlessly create a user friendly and functional Android Application which can help your firm take the most out of its data and offer value to your customers.


Information Security Consulting

Our Information Security Consulting team provides you the required expertise and analysis to protect you against Data Breach threats which will have negative effect on your business.
Through comprehensive penetration tests and/or source code audit, our services helps you not only to see the level of security for your information from the point of view of malicious hacker and expose the vulnerabilities but also to estimate their impact on your company.