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With over 50 years of aggregate experience Softline has been helping firms around the island excel in their everyday activities. Used by over 600 users in more than 120 offices around Cyprus, Zygos Next manages 650.000+ cases including all court or not-court related transactions.

The only thing the firm has to do is record all the cases information in order to keep the system up to date. Details such as references, creation date, responsible lawyer, province, internal breakdown by type and/or department are details offered in Zygos making the whole process a lot easier. Moreover depending on the case type you can register additional information such as court number, monetary scales and opponent party.

Tracking the progress of the case is made an easy task. Update each case with everything you have done up to now and Zygos Next will create a reminder for you, letting you know what comes up next in your diary. At the same time Zygos Next creates reports with costs per case, date or lawyer.

From the affordable initial money investment, which small firms can take advantage of, to the great number of cases managed, which is essential for a large firm, Zygos Next can take on any challenge and be your partner in success, in such a competitive environment such as that of the law industry.

Stop hurting your firm’s performance. Read below what Zygos Next can do for your firm and contact us today to learn more details or request a demo absolutely free of charge!




The electronic registration of customers, supported by a number of specialized fields, allows the creation of a rich electronic directory of your customers. With fields such as individual person or legal entity and country of origin, Know Your Client (KYC) makes sense and customer lists required by the Cyprus Bar Association are produced quickly and effortlessly.


Court Procedures

Full history of each case by simply connecting it to procedures required to be executed. Hundreds of pre-programmed rates are in full agreement with the rates of the Cyprus Bar Association resulting in a rapid and accurate preparation of the expense list.



Recording and updating of Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries of a company capable of displaying full history of shares outstanding and HE form filling which is in complete rapport with the standards set by the Registrar of Companies.


Court Messengers

Record and check all the documents which have to be delivered and are assigned to private messengers. Each document assigned can have its own details such as document type and place of delivery. Having incorporated the list of approved charges by location the whole procedure is faster and more efficient.



Ability to log services offered other than litigation cases and filter them either by client, by lawyer or in any other possible combination. Easily compare results of each service offered and have discrete profitability per case or project.



Our complete accounting suite Accounts Next is fully interfaced with Zygos Next. All financial transactions (invoices, receipts, money management) performed in Zygos, automatically update the corresponding accounts in your accounting department. This drastically reduces the time spent in accounting procedures or the cost of outsourcing your bookkeeping services .


Case Management

Keep records for all types of cases such as litigation, corporate, contracts etc. Detailed presentation of information regarding the case and ease in the use of the search engine based on multiple filters.Save all your contacts and directly connect them to the corresponding case and also direct reminders for future workings regarding each case.



Direct and fast control of customer’s liabilities. This way you can control all the unresolved cases of the office and draw valuable information concerning income and VAT, as well as internal financial controls per lawyer, per department or per project. Full invoice or proforma invoicing enabled. Also billing in any currency is possible.


Document Management

Link all types of documents to the case which they correspond. This allows rapid discovery of letters, decisions and invoices relating to each case, thereby reducing the time spent in searching.


Dynamic Search

With a range of tools and search filters as default attorney, opponent party, contested issue, court number and many others to find a case with all the details that accompany it is simpler than ever.



Take full control of the financial situation of your business and learn other crucial information regarding the cases you manage. With a multitude of documents and reports see who your largest debtors are, divide your revenue per case, lawyer or any other field you consider useful and stay updated about calendar deadlines or court hearings.


Electronic Diary

A lawyer’s diary must always be with him/her and be able to provide useful information when they need it. This is achieved with the use of Zygos Diary which is synchronized with Zygos and takes all your court hearings to the cloud. After that you can access them through our native Android and iPhone Apps even when you are offline.

Your diary is now online, on every smartphone and tablet

Zygos Diary

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