AML Screening


Check whether your clients are included in PEP's, Sanctions and other international lists to identify potential risks during the onboarding process.

AML Screening Features

PEPs & Sanctions

Search through online, paid, and credible databases around the world for PEPs, Sanctions, Warnings and more.

Smart Filters

Use Altis’ smart filters to filter out false positives, insert notes and identify your potential client in the results grid.

Link with Contacts

Results are saved and directly connected to each client's contact, allowing you to have a full search history.

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Practice management

Manage your daily practice efficiently and never miss a deadline using a personalized dashboard for each member of the firm but also through comprehensive reporting regarding tasks that expire soon.

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Entity Management

Manage your end-to-end corporate, compliance and entity management processes and generate important reports.

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Know your client (KYC)

Reduce the risk of Money Laundering and financial fraud, avoid administrative fines and stay compliant with ICPAC’s /CySEC’s guidelines.

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Document management

Build your firms online document repository for any client, being a physical person or legal entity, with full text search capabilities, custom tags and metadata.

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Time & billing

Working with units or time, different rates per client or group of companies or even with fixed cost clients, with Altis you can manage every aspect of your time spent per project or service.

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Per user/month

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Everything in Basic:

  • Tax Calendar Deadlines
  • Timesheet
  • Contact Management
  • Real Expenses
  • Document Management
  • Office Add-ins
  • Calendar
  • Tasks, Reminders
  • View Access to all KYC info and Invoices


Per user/month

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All features of Basic plus:

  • Invoices
  • Receipts
  • Client Money Management
  • Debt Collection
  • Financial Reporting
  • Accounting Integrations


Per user/month

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All Features for Standard plus:

  • KYC Document Management
  • Expiration notifications
  • Risk-Based Approach built-in Questionnaire
  • Corporate Administration
  • Officials History
  • Capital Management

Altis is offered as a service and is used online through the cloud, so there is no installation needed. Altis fees are monthly based on the number of users and modules chosen, with the starting price of 19 Euros + V.A.T.

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