AML Screening

Check whether your clients are included in PEPs, Sanctions and other international lists to identify potential risks during the onboarding process.

Module Features

PEPs & Sanctions

Search through online, paid, and credible databases around the world for PEPs, Sanctions, Warnings and more.

Smart Filters

Use Zygos’ smart filters to filter out false positives, insert notes and identify your potential client in the results grid.

Link with Contacts

Results are saved and directly connected to each client's contact, allowing you to have a full search history.

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Core Features

Manage all your firm's contacts, non court cases, client documents, daily tasks and calendar as also to export easily various relevant reports.

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Never miss a court deadline, court hearing or any other important milestone of a court case. Run a paperless firm with all scanned docs uploaded.

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Corporate Administration

Manage a corporate entity (company/trust) in all popular jurisdictions with full officials history and complete company structure.

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KYC Management

Reduce the risk of money laundering and financial fraud, avoid administrative fines and stay compliant with regulator's guidelines.

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Input the hourly rate for each one of your firm’s personnel, so the software will automatically calculate the actual cost of the task based on hours inputted.

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Financials & Invoicing

Issue invoices from multiple legal entities, in any currency by automatically charging all billable hours from one or multiple projects.

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Zygos is offered as a service and is used online through the cloud, so there is no installation needed. The firm is charged on a monthly basis, based on the number of users and modules chosen, with the starting price of 25 Euros + V.A.T. Need more information? Send us a buzz!

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